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Lessons back in person, or lessons online as needed

"... to create LIFELONG musicians, with a love of music!"

Music is such a benefit to the lifelong learning process that even if you don’t choose to play a violin, viola, cello or string bass, with Sande Strings, we hope that you will be inspired to find a music teacher to help you on your way to being a lifelong musician!
Be prepared to work

Playing any musical instrument is a physical endeavor, especially on a violin or viola! You must expect to work and dial in your body’s natural movements, a lot has to do with honing fine motor skills. It is important to know it will require dedication and effort get the desired results.

Which Instrument?

Violin: the highest or soprano voice, and lilting melody player of classical string instuments

Viola: The alto voice with warm glowing  and often rhythmic tones

Cello: the strong tenor voice that often duels that is use for both rhythm and strong harmonies

String Bass: with a strong low tone and often the most intresting lines to play in a group

Group or Private LESSONS?

There are PROS and CONS to either approach. Plan to add playing in an ensemble as part of the process. This will greatly help students to stabilize your playing and also help you to reach heights that currently may seem unattainable!

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We happily accept PO’s! We are  a vendor for Blue Ridge, Gorman Learning Center, iLead, & Sage Oak  Charter Schools – all instruction is non-sectarian

Why learn to play music?

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Outside classes & camps are the new normal, socially distant keeping up with the twists and turns of COVID restrictions …

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Upcoming Events

for the Sande Strings Ensembles & Orchestras

  • Orchestra summer camp 6/17-6/21/24 – or tbd?
  • Cello Choir Camp 6/24-6/28!
  • Fall Orchestra starts on Thursdays! 3:30-4:45!
  • Fall Family concert 11/22 @ 7pm – LARC Ranch!