Music? There have been loads of studies about how the study of music increases students abilities in many other intellectual and emotional endeavors.

Hopefully the website will help you to find the answers about some things, and perhaps spark questions?

Like the age old debate over the need for Private Lessons? While group lessons seem to make more sense at the beginning, some kids have a hard time avoiding comparisons with fellow classmates and find it more challenging. One on one instruction is usually a better fit allowing customized sessions based on your child learning style and proceeding at the best pace for their success.

And why we encourage Ensemble Playing? We encourage joining a large group, perhaps Jr. Orchestra or Orchestra and gaining musicianship through effort of playing as a team. While we all strive for perfection, joining a team stretches skills without having to always be perfect. Then after these basic ensemble skills are acquired, we move to small ensemble groups to strengthen these skills. Those who play individual parts woven with others, supporting the melody and fitting their part is one of the most desirable skills in music and the most important skill of a lifelong musician!