This summer we are going to have THREE camps!

World Music 

(from jigs to latin rhythms, russian, gypsy and the orient with perhaps some jazz as well) we’ll folk music OUT! This is a great way to build some basic repertoire and try out all types of genres. It is a really important first step for the newer music student. This is the best fit for JrO members, but if you are new to Orchestra this is a great way to make sure you know many of our standard songs.
June 19-23 9:15 to noon – 
with a POTLUCK DINNER Performance JUNE 23rd @ 7pm 
Tuition: $125

Waltz Camp

4-5 new waltz’s to add to our playing ability along with a few standards! This is a great camp for all players former JrO and Orch alike – it should be quite fun, interesting and playable by all!
July 17-21 9:30-12:15
with a POTLUCK DINNER Performance JULY 21st @ 7pm 
Tuition: $125

Tango camp

Complex rhythms, a great challenge, this is for those who are already ORCHESTRA level or above, and wanting the challenge!  Perhaps a little Jazz as well! Not for those who played at JrO level last year. Working to find new and more challenging rhythms.
July 31-Aug 4th 1-4pm
with a POTLUCK DINNER Performance AUG 4th @ 7pm 
Tuition: $125