Learning about music is very possible over the internet, but the all important collaboration with other musicians has become a lot more difficult. This new normal allows for more personal development, while we await the release to be able to return to play in ensembles.

Musicianship is all about the refinement of fine motor skills, all the while developing the concentration skills required of multi-tasking. It is painstaking and requires patience and repeated effort. In some ways, the new normal, a forced slower pace for students. Limited to staying in their homes, allows for more time to take things at their own pace.

The creation of music, either as a composer, or as a musician bringing a composers work to life can easily become a passion. Passion driven education it the pinnacle of learning, as time devoted is no longer a requirement that must be met, but a desire to spend a much time as possible in the pursuit of knowledge. Related subjects that would usually only be given cursory attention, now get better attention because of the relationship to their passion.

While all musicians morn the loss of group/ensemble playing the rewards of time to work on those elements of our musicianship that need attention, is a blessing. And those who take the time to devote themselves to doing this, will come out of this ahead.