As a parent myself, I was always looking to both maximize my kids summer experiences and minimize costs. Foregoing music lessons may seem a good budget cut (and some extra driving around too, unless your kid and teacher are good with the limitations to online music lessons).

However, the old adage – skip one day of practice and you know, skip two days and your teacher knows, skip three days and the audience knows has some relevance. I find that kids who take as many summer lessons as easily possible – skipping 3 or 4 weeks due to their own vacations – and the vacations of the teacher, and a conflict or two – still make some progress over summer and are usually pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve moved past an acquaintance in orchestra (like leveling up in a game). The students who can get a few in here or there usually aren’t too far behind where they were pre-summer – think every other week, but the students who take the summer off, come back with some difficulties and find that the group of musicians they started with are outpacing them.

So just a few summer lessons make a big difference to their overall assessment of themselves. Musicianship is a great stabilizer over the course of the traumas of growing into adulthood!