For those of you who homeschool your child(ren) here is a list of charters that we can receive purchase orders from. You will need to pay me out of pocket until purchase orders are recieived, and for any portion of the class or lesson that the purchase order does not cover.

We are in contact with and working on approval with:

  • Gorman Learning Center
  • Sage Oak Charter School

I also teach for the HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning – Valencia Campus, and also provide private lessons at their location (when possible). Many times, this is very convenient for your family. For those who are with Sky Mountain Charter School, and Golden Valley Charter School, you can obtain my services for private lessons and use your purchase orders through Huck.

Do you have a different charter you’d like us to investigate that isn’t listed above? Please drop me a message, and I’ll check into becoming approved by them!