learn to play in a GROUP LESSON

Sometimes referred to as “Beginning Strings,” group lessons can be an excellent way to learn


  • 8 year olds or “older” 
  • Learn without the FOCUS being on every movement the student makes; less pressure
  • Students learn with / or make new friends
  • Pace is somewhat slower, to accommodate general group distractions
  • Students generally keep up with the group in general, so less time can be devoted
  • Classes are more cost effective
  • Carpooling possibilities
  • Stronger students (those with more musical aptitude) rise to the TOP very quickly


  • Obviously, not as individualized
  • Students under 8 don’t work as the same pace as older students
  • Stronger students (with better attention skills, or general musical aptitude) can become more easily bored
  • We all wait for the student who didn’t practice to catch up, which can be off putting to any student who struggles with fine motor skills
  • Some students become upset by the comparisons THEY make about themselves and others in class

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