about Private Lessons

available via ZOOM or Discord

Most musicianship requires detailed and painstaking instruction 


  • Usually the best way to isolate the basics
  • Individualized instruction is based on student’s learning style
  • Pace is set by how much the student practices
  • Students get positive personal reinforcement for musical achievement(s)
  • Most established performance ensembles (youth orchestras etc.) require a student to have a private teacher in conjunction with participating in their ensemble(s)
  • Focus on Rhythm skills, music sight-reading, right hand (bowing techniques) and left hand (finger patterns) and much, much more!
  • Best for students 5-8 years old






  • Some students slow the pace down to a crawl (solution – to add a music ensemble class)
  • Privates are more costly than group instruction
  • Needs to be weekly sessions, pretty much year round for the first two years while skill building
  • Parents and sometimes students cannot always tell how much improvement is going on, working on any fine motor control skill takes patience and repetition. Sometimes improvement on one skill derails another. Long term commitment is necessary.
  • Students not playing with others in a group can easily become disenchanted and discouraged




Open lesson times change almost weekly. Contact us, with a few choices of days and times and if we are not initially able to accommodate your schedule, wait a bit, and something usually opens up – we’ll get back to you!




Rates are (if prepaid at the first lesson for the month):


 30 minutes – $35


 45 minutes – $45


 1 hour – $55


 If you need more payment flexibility – week to week is available with an additional $5 per lesson.